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Personal Assistant Vacancies

Our PA vacancies are updated on a regular basis.  We also hold a register of individuals who are interested in being a PA which is for new or existing/experience PA's. 

If you would like to register your details, we will add you to our register and inform you of new vacancies as and when they arise.  Simply complete the e-form below and we will be in touch.


Ref: I2CA3552

A young girl with Autism is in need of some support.

This role is to offer social support and assist her to access activities that she will enjoy such as visiting farms, eating out, going swimming and taking trips to the cinema.

No personal care involved.

Hourly Rate:

£11.44 per hour

Working Hours:

4 hours a week

Days and hours are ad hoc due to the casual nature of the role


Full Driving License essential - with use of a vehicle (preferred)

Relevant DBS check upon job offer

Knowledge and/or experience with Autism - beneficial


Ref: I2CA3536

We are looking for a Personal Assistant for a busy 9-year-old boy with a Learning Disability. He enjoys playing outside, being active, trying new sports especially ones that include a ball! There is also a family dog, so we need someone who is comfortable around dogs!

The role is to accompany on activities to have fun out of the house and explore new places whilst ensuring his safety and security, there is also some personal care involved.

Hourly Rate:

£12.50 per hour

Working Hours:

4 hours a week

9:30 am to 1:30pm on a Saturday

Flexibility on delivery of hours

Extra hours available (both inside and outside of term time)


  • Driver with the use of a vehicle

  • Enhanced DBS check upon job offer

  • Experience with children with additional needs


Ref: I2CA3529

A young lady with a neurological condition and severe Scoliosis, who is a wheelchair user is in need of some support.

The role is to undertake tasks such as bathing, toileting, dressing, assisting movement, helping to administer medication and taking to places of interest.


Hourly Rate:

£13.10 per hour

Working Hours:

16 hours a week


9:30am to 3:30pm

9:30am to 7:3opm


Previous care experience (desirable)

Driver with use of their vehicle (desirable)


Ref: I2CA3480

A young gentleman with Downs syndrome, Autism and Learning Disabilities is in need of some support.

The role is to help him access the community including going swimming and ensuring his safety, occasionally assisting with some personal care needs.

Hourly Rate:


£13.75 per hour

Working Hours:

4 hours a week


4.30pm to 8.30pm

Holiday/Sick Cover opportunity also available


Strong competent swimmer 

Full Driving License with use of a vehicle

Relevant DBS checks -upon job offer​

Previous experience supporting Learning Disabilities (Desirable)



Ref: I2CA3460


Support a young adult who has delayed development and epilepsy. The role involves support with personal care, bedtime routine, physio exercises and helping with painting and art work.

Hourly Rate:



Working Hours:


      6.30 pm - 8.15 pm


    6.30 pm - 8.15 pm

These hours could be split amongst multiple Personal Assistants.


Previous care experience (Ideally with children/adults with additional needs)

Full Driving License 


Ref: I2CA3553

A lady with paralysis, epilepsy and dysphagia is in need of the some support.

The role is support with daily life, protection of life, medication preparation, assistance with animal care amongst other duties.

Hourly Rate:

£12.95 per hour - days

£14 per hour - nights

Working Hours:

8am to 3pm

3pm to 10pm

10pm to 8am

3 -4 shifts across the week, must be able to work variety of shift patterns and occasional weekends.


Bank hours also available


Reliability with a happy and positive disposition

Flexibility to meet working hour requirements

Previous nursing/PA experience with knowledge around paralysis, epilepsy, dysphagia and medication administration


Ref: I2CA3542

We have a vacancy available supporting a young girl with learning disabilities and autism. She is a part time wheelchair user.

She loves art, cinema, theatre and shopping! She loves getting out and about. The role mainly involves supporting her to access these activities, and promote her social life.


Hourly Rate:

£12.25 per hour

Working Hours:

2 - 4 hours per week, provided on Sat/Sun


Hours are flexible


More hours available for bigger trips and days out!


  • First aid trained is desirable preferred

  • Experience working alongside people with autism

  • Ability to support with wheelchair

  • Willingness to take client swimming

  • Own transport and UK driving license

  • DBS check, and full references

Crosland Moor.png

Ref: I2CA3523

A fun, friendly, independent blind lady is in need of some support. The role involves helping by describing and reporting information, some basic administrative and domestic tasks and guidance and assistance with shopping and accessing the community.

Hourly Rate:

£12 per hour

45p mileage

Working Hours:

9 hours a week

4.5 hours delivered on Monday, Friday or Saturday
Some flexibility will be required



Self employed status

Full Driving License with use of vehicle (confident driving on motorways).

Relevant DBS checks.

Confident around dogs, cats and horses

Trustworthy and dependable - able to maintain confidentiality and use initiative

Good written and oral communication


Ref: I2CA3475

Support a young man who is deaf, and communicates with picture symbols and sign language. He requires support with all aspects of care

Hourly Rate:


To be discussed 

Working Hours:

They family are looking for multiple PAs for this role.

Full time and Part Time available

Night Shifts


Driver is highly desirable (Car provided)


Experience in a similar role is desirable


Someone warm and flexible

Relevant DBS checks - can be upon job offer     


Ref: I2CA3444

We are looking for Multiple Personal Assistants to support a 21 year old young man with a rare genetic disorder, living in the family home in Birstall.

He enjoys going on walks, swimming, singing and listening to music on his iPad. He is a unique young adult with a great & cheeky sense of humour! The role involves personal care, planning activities and taking part in different therapy sessions with him e.g. Hydrotherapy and rebound.

Hourly Rate:

£13 per hour

Working Hours:


9am - 4pm

All hours can be split and broken down according to your availability. Let us know what you’re looking for on the form!


  • Driver with the use of a vehicle

  • Enhanced DBS check upon job offer

  • Experience with Learning Disabilities - beneficial


Ref: I2CA3538

A young girl with epilepsy and global development delay is in need of some support. 

The role is to support with personal care, help with meal times, offer social support and accompany to appointments. 


Hourly Rate:

£12.50 per hour

Working Hours:

Hours are flexibly delivered

Weekends - Morning and Afternoons

School Holidays



Flexibility to meet the needs of the client 

Relevant DBS checks - these can be undertaken following a job offer


Ref: I2CA3495

A young boy who has autism, is non verbal, and has global development delay is in need of some support.

The role is to help him learn independent skills and the world around him, also support him socially with activities.

Hourly Rate:

£13+ per hour depending on experience

Working Hours:

10 - 15 hours per week (Hours to be covered by multiple PAs)

Weekdays - 4pm - 6pm Weekends- 10am - 12pm/1pm


More hours available during school holidays


Driver with their own car
Self Employed (desirable)
Relevant DBS checks upon job offer
Previous experience (advantageous)


Ref: I2CA3462

Support a young man who has Cerebral palsy. The role is to help with feeding, provide personal care and help access activities he enjoys.

Hourly Rate:



Working Hours:

Monday to Friday 
5pm to 7pm

Friday Morning
8.30am to 9.30am


9am to 5pm


Full Driving License with vehicle


Some previous professional care experience 


Someone  with good patience 

Relevant DBS checks - can be upon job offer     

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